Every Single Item in The Kylie Shop

In case you didn’t have enough Kylie Jenner in your life, the 19-year-old reality TV star turned beauty mogul is bringing you even more Kylie-themed items, just in time for the holidays.

On December 10th, the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan will launch her official merchandise on a site aptly named, The Kylie Shop.

We were first treated to King Kylie’s newest money-making venture two weeks ago, when she posted photos of herself in lingerie (nipple rings in full view) to her Instagram account, simply captioning the photos, “@thekylieshop.” Way to create hype, right?

And what we originally thought was going to be an undergarment venture, turned out to be a collection of hoodies, action solar, oversized tees, snapbacks, phone cases and even a Terry Richardson-photographed calendar for all those Kylizzle fans out there.

So while we wait (im)patiently for the shop to actually launch (sue us, we’re Kylie fans too, okay?), let us take a look at every. single. item you can buy from Kylie’s shop/figure out which ones are worth your hard-earned cash below.

This is pretty much the ultimate gift for the Lip Kit fan/those of us who have tried everything to make our pouts as luscious as Kylie’s (with or without the fillers, we won’t judge). Sure it’s no Lumee, but how funny is it that the girl who pretty much made an empire by capitalizing on her shortcomings made a phone case that says “Kylie Jenner Lips”? And seriously, just think of the mirror selfies you can take, while wearing your holiday-themed Lip Kit.

Rating: As good as Kylie’s lips in her latest selfie, duh.

“I’m The Kylie You’re The Kendall” Tee

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